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- Esso gas station with a convenience store and fast food.

Esso - Lindskog Auto-Service
Phone: 35 07 01 05
Fax: 35 07 02 78
Email: lindskogSPAMFILTER@essohaukeli.no (Remove SPAMFILTER from the address)

3895 Edland

Opening hours

Mon-Thur 07.00-21.00

Friday 07.00-22.00

Saturday 08.00-21.00

Sunday 08.00-22.00

Full service station

Esso Rauland Servicesenter is a full service station inHakeli.

Convenience store and fast food. DVD rental.


A workshop that can assist you with oil change, repairs and tire changes, or we can offer a great price on new tires where changing is free of charge. We have trailer hire and you can get roadside assistance. We have a car wash w / machine and several choices of programs, as with brush, brushless or with ski box.

We sell propane:

10 & 11 kg kr 299,-

5 kg kr 230,-

Esso - Lindskog Auto-Service

Har du gjort klar peis veden til vinteren?

Lindskog Auto-Service AS selger ved og om ønskeleg transporterer til din vedbod!

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