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- arguably the most acknowledged Norwegian folk musician to this day

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    Myllarguten – Torgeir Augundsson (1801-1872) is arguably the most acknowledged Norwegian folk musician to this day, and by far the most legendary.

    The idea behind the creation of Myllargutvegen, the road of Myllarguten, is that much of his life is related to the villages where this road goes through.

    He came as a little boy of nine to Kjos farm in Åmotsdal. And Jon Kjos thought him all he knew about fiddle playing and when the villagers met for dance at Dansarsteinen, it was young Myllarguten who played.

    Concerts with Ole Bull

    Later he married Ingeber Rikardsdotter Haugen from Edland and then lived at a place called Rispehaugen. He bought Øygarden for the money he earned on the concerts he played with Ole Bull.

    After some time he lost his farm and moved to a smallholding, Kosi in Arabygdi, where he died. That is what we now call Myllarheimen.¨

    Both he and his wife are buried at Rauland kyrkje where a memorial head stone has been placed.

    How to get there

    Myllargutvegen – get to the E134 by Nutheim in Flatdal. Here you follow county road 503 until you come to Straume bridge in Øyfjell. Follow county road 801 until you come to Rauland. Or, from Nutheim, just follow the sign to Rauland.

    Continue on rv 362 to Arabygdi and Edland along the lake of Totak. You will come back on the E 134 to Haukeligrend.

    Last ned dokument som tar deg hit.


    Myllargutens bruremarsj

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